The NBIC Valley

A startup consortium to spark the next technological revolution in Europe

10 startups, 10 success stories. Will you be the 11th?

Are you a researcher looking to valorize a technology or an entrepreneur who wants to create an innovative company?

Welcome to the NBIC valley!

What is the NBIC Valley?

A startup incubator dedicated to the application of microfluidics for science.

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Our Ambition: Building the future of biotechnology in Europe

Since 2011, our team of dynamic entrepreneurs & researchers created 10 startups in microfluidics and biotechnology. Today, a fast, biotechnological revolution is underway and we want Europe to be part of it.

Not much? Maybe, but the other members have much to give you

Each member, including you, can bring their expertise and tools to the other members. For instance, some already bring tools to ease innovative NBIC start-up creation and development, such as:

Easier access to funding : Fundraising help, help for funding R&D through consortiums such as H2020, ANR or BPI.

Faster market contact: worldwide distribution network in scientific instrumentation, public and private research labs, growth hacking tools, SEO, shared tables in conferences…

Scientific and human resources: 9 CEOs, 50 Phds, 450sqm of laboratories, CV database to find your associates and build a team to benefit from their rich experience
The foundation will put you in touch with one another, it’s up to you to decide to create synergies or not.

Why a NBIC Valley foundation?

A major revolution has begun in the field of biotechnologies. In the US and in Asia, most technologies from public research end up commercialized by a company. In Europe, most of these innovations stay confined in laboratories. Since we don’t want to see a third of the world’s research go to waste, we decided to create an ecosystem to facilitate and accelerate research valorization by creating innovative NBIC companies in Europe.

Another foundation or network? Why?

The NBIC foundation does not aim to create an additional network, or even to short-circuit existing ones. It is trying to gather all the innovative initiatives, to find and share your precise needs in the easiest way. The goal is to become the main European counter to serve all the actors of entrepreneurship in science.

The Team

All the way into the NBIC Valley,
there is a village,
with companies and entrepreneurs
working hard to dig
a NBIC Valley into the mountain.
The village is getting bigger
with time and new encounters,
it is a human adventure, a love story.

Become a part of the crew

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A private laboratory in the heart of Paris

Want to test your prototype, experiment to fit the market needs? Use our research infrastructures and contribute to the future of biotechnologies in Europe


You have a PhD and innovative ideas?

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