The NBIC Valley - Our Vision of Tomorrow

A Consortium of Deep Tech Companies Sparking the Next Technological Revolution in Europe

Nanotechnology - Biotechnology - Information technologies - Cognitive sciences

The First Research Ecosystem Dedicated to NBIC Technology & Valorization

A Private Research Center in the Heart of Paris open to researchers and entrepreneurs

The goal of the NBIC Valley is simple: Unite the skills of researchers and entrepreneurs and create the perfect environment for the valorization of research results in the fields of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technologies and Cognitive science. Uniting all of these skills in one consortium allows for an unprecedented collective creativity and synergy that would help the development of products highly useful for society and health.

Who is behind the NBIC Valley? A consortium of startup companies paving the way to a future where the full potential of microfluidics is exploited to ameliorate life quality.

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